A little bit homesick…

Posted on: March 28, 2011

Since moving to Canada there are a few things that I realize I had
been taking for granted while living in the states. Most of them are
mundane but when they aren’t in your life anymore you miss them!
These are the things that keep reminding me that I miss the US!

  • No affordable cell phone plans- whys it so freaking expensive to call long distance in this country?
  • Streaming TV…what do I do when my PVR is screwed up and fails to tape Grey’s?
  • Inability to listen to Pandora…yes grooveshark is good but it isn’t Pandora
  • No Target… The best store on earth
  • No affordable diapers and diapers.com won’t deliver here
  • Amazon.com… Amazon.ca only sells books and shipping from the US on Amazon.com is stupid expensive
  • Lack of variety of peanut butter… I miss my
  • No JCrew
  • The corn pops here taste different

I suppose my year of mat-leave more than makes up for it though.

What are some of the things you miss from “home” wherever “home” might be?


4 Responses to "A little bit homesick…"

Target’s on it’s way – hang in there. And coupons and sales at the discount grocers usually yield some pretty good deals on diapers. Landline long distance rates and/or LD cards from 7/Eleven are the only way to go

I heard Target was coming! I wonder if the prices will be competitive with those in the US. I need to get better with the coupons that are Canada friendly. Do you have favorite blogs/sites that you use? Thanks for the tip!

Around here, we get an ‘ad bundle’ on Thursday, if we don’t subscribe to the newspaper. Otherwise, the ads and coupons come with the newspaper. When I find the other sites I use, I will tweet them to you

[…] husband who is born and raised here. I LOVE the city. It is such a great place to live! I do miss a few things from the states but overall I am very happy to be living in Canada. Right now […]

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