Ultimate Blog Party, welcome!

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Party 2011! Head on over to the main site to see lots of great blogs and win great prizes!

I am new to blogging so I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more by visiting hundreds of other blogs, as well as share min with the community.

I plan to use my blog to reflect on my experiences as a expat new mom of my baby girl Tikka and to power through a long life to-do list, using you as my motivators! High on my list are learning how to cook and getting my house in order. Not such simple tasks but they are fun and I am excited about it!

I am Norah, an Expat Mama!

I am married to my amazing hubby of 3 years… He makes me incredibly happy!

This is our incredibly cute baby girl that we call Tikka… she is now 3 months old but this pic is just too cute to pass up 🙂

I am looking for a blogging mentor- someone who can show me the ropes and teach me some tips and tricks. Let me know if you want to help! Or just point me in the direction of some good content out there on the world wide web :).

Check out my About Me page for a little bit of info on who I am.

Thanks for stopping by! Follow me or comment and I will swing by and do the same! Looking forward to getting to know you!


18 Responses to "Ultimate Blog Party, welcome!"

Blogging is a lot of fun, I’ve been at it now since January 2006! I’ve rode the up’s and down’s but am having more fun than ever!! Welcome to the PAR-TAY!

Shasher’s Life

Just stopping by from the UBP to say hello!

Welcome to blogging! I’ve been blogging since 97 and for 5 years on my current blog. I write a funny series (on my sidebar) called Dear Bloggers, the writing is funny but the tips are real. Hope you’ll check it out.

Come on by and visit my ultimate blog party post at Dayngrous Discourse in Miami and follow along if you like what you read. Have a great weekend and keep partying! :::: tossing confetti ::::


I love blogging! It is such a wonderful way to connect with other people all over the world! There’s lots to learn, but I don’t know too much about wordpress:( I use blogger. It’s nice to meet you, I’m excited to follow along!

Thanks for stopping by and your little one is so cute!! They grow up so fast. Don’t blink 😉

Yay! Glad to be UBP partaying with you! (every time I say that it feels like vodka should be sloshing around in a glass next to me) Canadians are awesome!

I’m married to a Canadian, but we live here. We try to visit every year and I love your adopted country! Thanks for visiting through #UBP11!

Helloo! Thank you so much for your super kind words – I’m actually new to blogging myself but not new to loving technology. I promise to get back to your email soon – my eyes are getting bleary at the moment though and my kiddos will be up in 6 hours hopefully 7 but you know how that is!
I’m having a great time getting to know other bloggers and will love to exchange ideas and information with ya! Enjoy UBP! Good luck on my giveaway, the flower mobile is darling. best, Sara

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so excited to connect with another mom from the US living in Canada! Too bad you live on the other side of Canada. I have been blogging for 5 years but I still feel like a beginner. My biggest piece of advice is find something you’re passionate about and blog about it & don’t forget that your words are online forever. Those are unfortunately counterproductive pieces of advice b/c often what you want to blog about the most is probably what you shouldn’t blog about b/c of making family mad at you. 🙂

Anyhoo….I hope to “talk” to you soon here & on twitter!

Hi there! Stopping by from UBP. I am a fellow Canadian and I lived in the US for a bit so I understand what it is like to miss home!


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I’m a Canadian mom so yay for Canada! I hope you enjoy your time with us here. 🙂 I love cooking and often have easy recipes you might like. Feel free to check them out. Your daughter is so cute!

I’ve been blogging for a bit so if you have some questions I might be able to help. I don’t know everything but I know some things!

Have fun this week! Great to meet you. 🙂

Welcome to the world of blogging! The blogosphere is an amazing place full of wonderful people! I know you’ll love it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re little girl is mighty cute. I still think of my two little girls as babies, but when I see an actual baby, I realize that they can’t really be called that anymore.

Enjoy every minute of being a mom… it all goes by too fast, even if some days seem to drag on.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

Cooking more meals is an excellent goal! Not only does it save you money, but it is healthier!

But….are you sure it is possible to eat too many cookies?


Hi! Glad to ‘meet’ you through UBP11! I am now following you on twitter and your blog!


Thanks for sharing! I am also new to blogging and having a mentor (or 3) that I can ask all my questions of has really made the difference. I am enjoying finding all the new blogs through UBP!! Feel free to check out mine also!



I would be HAPPY to help you. Come on over after the party (or whenever…I’m bossy, sorry) and ask away. I’ll guide you and send you off. LOL.

Enjoying the party. Hope you are too.

Oh yea, I’m an expat in Singapore. LOVING the expat life.

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