The Different Sounds of Love

Posted on: April 4, 2011

Last night we celebrated my hubby’s birthday (Happy Birthday Sweets!) We had a great time over at my father-in-laws house where we all got together to eat some delicious food and hang out. The group consisted of my FIL, 5 brothers-in-law, one sis in law, her twin 2 year old boys, my hubby, my baby girl, some friends of my father in law and two dogs. The room was filled with people yelling to try to talk over one another and be heard. Piano was being played, guitar strummed, people sang around the dinner table, giggling and tickling could be heard all over the house. At the time, it felt incredibly over whelming. My daughter was asleep in my arms, and it was getting dangerously close to her bed time.The noise became too much for me at times and I  was escaping to a room and clearing my head to calm down. I love this group of people and they push me to be comfortable outside of what I was raised with.

My family was just the opposite of this. My immediate family is just my parents, me and my brother. The three of them are a pretty quiet bunch, I am the loud-mouth. Our dinners consist of mellow conversation followed by enjoying one-anothers company while reading the NYT or surfing the internet on our iPads. Unfortunately- these family dinners are far too infrequent because they live so far away. This type of dinner is my comfort zone. I feel zero stress in these situations and look forward to them regularly.

When I got home last night I realized something. I hope my daughter grows up comfortable in both settings. A house full of the noise of love, and a house full of the quiet whisper of love. She is so lucky to have so many people in her life that care for her and knowing how different they all are makes it all the better!

Which setting are you more comfortable in? Quiet and calm or loud and full of fun?


2 Responses to "The Different Sounds of Love"

So great to meet you!. Following on twitter now and part of #UBP11. Have a great day and welcome to Canada!

That’s very interesting…my family is into big get togethers and I am always the quiet one in the corner observing while everyone else is talking…

My boyfriend’s family is similar to that as well actually.

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