Behind-the-blogger Day 4 | Get me in the kitchen!

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Prompt | A habit I wish I didn’t have…

Hmmm… a habit. Well, I quit drinking diet coke a few years ago, that was the worst bad habit I have ever had and it was a huge pain to kick it! But, since then I have been aspartame and mostly caffeine free! 🙂

A current habit I would like to kick is eating dinner out. I am very bad at planning meals and it is hard with my hubby’s unpredictability with what time he will be home,but I use that as an excuse. Even without him I could eat healthy food that doesn’t involve the freezer/toaster oven. I typically promise myself I am going to do this, go grocery shopping and spend WAY too much money and then, because I haven’t planned properly, have a bunch of food that doesn’t get eaten and missing ingredients for food I want to cook. It really sucks. I am not sure how I go about changing this.

I think this “habit” makes me a not-so-great wife. I equate having dinner on the table for my hubby with being a good wife. I am not sure where this model came from since my mom wasn’t always the “chef” in our house growing up, and I think she was a super wife to my dad. My hubby also puts no pressure on me and loves to spend time cooking. So, why can’t I get this together?

Any advice out there for a wanna-be cooking wife?

What are your bad habits?


1 Response to "Behind-the-blogger Day 4 | Get me in the kitchen!"

Oh, that is a tough one! I’ve loved to cook as long as I can remember, so I look forward to our weekly menu planning/grocery shop.

I would maybe start with mapping out how many dinners out you have a week, finding out what the average is and making a commitment to do one less. (Then spend the money saved on something nice for yourself! Ehem.)

Find a couple fool proof recipes that everyone in your house loves and stick with them until you gain some confidence, then add more to your repertoire.

I have a few examples of recent meal plans on my blog; there are several other bloggers out there who do as well. Find one who inspires you and who has food sensibilities similar to your own and try some of their recipes.

What else? Hmmm.. Make things that freeze well so that when you are faced with a day that didn’t go as planned you can pull something healthy and homemade out of the freezer. Right now I have batches of soups, veggie burgers, spanakopita, lentil shepherds pie and samosas just waiting for a rainy day.

Hope that helps!

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