A bit about me…

20 Things About me!

Thanks Shash for the idea to turn this into a list. I was struggling with the page for days!

1. I am an expat now living in Toronto.

2. I grew up in New York outside the city.

3. Then I moved to California with my family when I was 15.

4. I went to college in Arizona and Boston before finally settling in Toronto in 2006 with my incredible hubby.

5. My hubby and I met 9 years ago at summer camp. Was the best day of my life. I knew I would marry him.

6. My hubby was my only serious boyfriend before getting married in 2007 when I was 23.

7. I have one fur baby, my cat Sassy. She is my first daughter.

8. I have a new baby girl who was born on New Years Day 2011, we call her Tikka on this blog.

9. We recently bought our first house and I am loving making it our home.

10. My first real job was as a barista, but I have never had a cup of coffee.

11. I was addicted to Diet Coke until 2008 and have not had anything containing aspartame since I quit.

12. Real Coke is one of my favorite drinks but I try not to drink it.

13. I love lemonade.

14. I love the color purple.

15. I love a good glass of Pinot Grigio on a hot summer day… or any day for that matter. But haven’t had one in over a year due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

16. I have a love/hate relationship with cookies.

17. I am trying to learn how to cook and put dinner on the table three days a week. Send me your recipes!

18. I want this blog to motivate me to tackle my to-do lists and focus on the present!

19. I hope I am half-as-good of a parent as my parents were to me.

20. My husband is my best friend and the most incredible father. I am a lucky woman.



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I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Toronto and eat way too many cookies.

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