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Prompt | Short term goals for this month and why

Well, this month is almost over, but I’ll set some goals for the next 30 days. Initially when reading this I thought of my to-do list as my “goals” but then re-thought it. A true goal. A change in my self. So, I am going to answer both ways.

Something that I need to be more mindful of, and thus it has become a goal, is being less snappy at my husband. I want to count to 3 before asking him to do something, as if he should have read my mind and already have completed the task just as I wanted it done.  I want to take a deep breath and think through my tone. My hubby is truly the most incredible man in the universe (I know, lots of you might argue and say your hubby is the most incredible… lets just agree to disagree for now. 🙂 ) Hubby works hard all day long, spends his little free time playing with and snuggling my daughter, and then spends the non existent time he has left, nurturing our relationship and being a great best friend to me. He deserves for me to show him respect even when I am pooped out and on my final straw. So, because of that. My personal goal for the next 30 days is to stop the bad habit I have found myself in, and stop snapping at my hubby. (I love you honey! Please make sure I stick to this! 🙂 )

For the tactical goals I am going to reference my Successful Year post which is actually a good thing. Reminds me of what I am setting out to accomplish. I am picking three that don’t seem hard or terribly time consuming, but yet they are nagging me to get finished, and have been on the list for far too long!

I am 90% done with getting photo books set up and ordered. I just need to do some final touches and get them ordered. This must happen in the next 30 days. I want to give some away as gifts too.

I also need to back up all the pics on my iPhone. I am increasingly panicked that something will happen to my phone and I will lose them. 😦

Hang pictures up in the living room and Tikka’s bedroom… our house doesn’t look finished with nothing hanging on the walls and we have lived there for almost a year!

Wish me luck! What are your short term goals?


I started to make a Life List and quickly realized that I need to start in baby steps. I think that 2011 will be a successful year if I can accomplish this list of tasks that has been nagging at me. Of course I need other things in my life to have a successful year, but if I get these things done, I will feel so good and a weight will be lifted. I decided 50 tasks seemed reasonable, especially since a few are multi-step or repeat items. In the next few weeks I will focus on my life list, the items I know I can’t get to this year and I will share that. Hopefully some of my items for the year are also on the Life List 🙂

Some of these items are new, others have been put off for years. Some will take just a few minutes, others will
take months. Some you might think are silly to have on the list- how hard could it possibly be to read 5 books this year? Well… for me, kinda hard. Every time I start to read a book, I fall asleep. That is how tired and sleep deprived I am. 🙂

I will blog about many of these as I accomplish them. Wish me luck!

  1. Order wedding pictures and albums from the photographer
  2. Get wedding video made
  3. Learn how to cook 25 new recipes
  4. Consistently make dinner 3 nights per week
  5. Host a dinner party for friends
  6. Learn how to use my Canon Rebel camera
  7. Compile photo books of Tikka at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year
  8. Give great gifts to my hubby for his birthday, Father’s day, and Chanukah
  9. Send snail mail to my grandma once a month
  10. Get into shape and lose the baby weight
  11. Learn how to knit and complete one project… Even if it is just a scarf
  12. Do a massive clothing purge of stuff that I will never wear again, even if i am super skinny
  13. Book a long weekend at a B&B with the hubby at the end of 2011 (when I am done breast feeding.)
  14. Hang pictures up in every room that needs them
  15. Buy a new couch
  16. Finish decorating the nursery
  17. Buy a headboard for my bed
  18. Stop wearing my hair in a pony tail EVERYDAY
  19. Get the dent in my car fixed
  20. Take vitamins
  21. Read to my daughter every single day
  22. Attend Blissdom Canada
  23. Take at least one Zumba class
  24. Try to bake 10 new treats
  25. Book a cruise for 2012
  26. Finish reading 5 books
  27. Learn how to parallel park my car
  28. Do 10 product reviews
  29. Listen to 10 new musicians
  30. Organize a scrapbooking/craft space in the basement
  31. Clean out the spice cabinet
  32. Unpack the china 4/1/2011
  33. Run/Jog a 5k

What is on your long term to do list? Do you have a life list? Please share it! What will motivate you to get it done? Any advice for me on my list? Where should I start?

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