Favorite super hero and why?

Well, I actually don’t have one. Super heros have never really been my thing.

I know. That makes me lame. But, seriously… comics/cartoons weren’t ever an interest of mine.

I will duck now while you throw things at me.


Prompt | A picture of a place I’ve been

This was my most favorite week in years. Hubby and I went on a Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean. Was incredible!! We can’t wait to go back.

On the surf simulator on Liberty of the Seas!

Wow, I feel so lucky. I am such a blessed person! I am bursting with appreciation. This weekend is coming to an end and I have a huge smile on my face.

My husband, he is just incredible. I am so sad that tomorrow is Monday because that means he is back to work and we can’t hang out all day. But guess what! We are going on vacation next weekend. For a FULL WEEK! I am so excited! (More on that later in the week!)

We had one of our closest friends visiting us and staying with us for a few days. It was so much fun to have him here and introduce him to Tikka. We ate at some of our favorite restaurants and spent time catching up on life. His wife and baby girl couldn’t join him for the trip but we are in the midst of making vacation plans with them hopefully for December if everything works out. We can’t wait!

We also had dinner with some good friends last night and had other friends over for breakfast this morning. We were surrounded by great company all weekend! We also found time to just be alone as a little family and it was incredible. We spent many hours just looking at our little girl in awe at everything that she is learning each day! Today, Tikka was able to grab a toy on her little gym and put it in her mouth! How impressive is that? 🙂 She is also getting closer to a “real” laugh every day. We really enjoy just hanging out with her and watching her explore the world. Today was a gorgeous day and we went on a long walk and ate dinner at a yummy burger restaurant.

All in all, it was a truly wonderful and easy going weekend. I can’t wait to have many more as a family.

What did you do this weekend? What are you grateful for at this moment?

Prompt | A habit I wish I didn’t have…

Hmmm… a habit. Well, I quit drinking diet coke a few years ago, that was the worst bad habit I have ever had and it was a huge pain to kick it! But, since then I have been aspartame and mostly caffeine free! 🙂

A current habit I would like to kick is eating dinner out. I am very bad at planning meals and it is hard with my hubby’s unpredictability with what time he will be home,but I use that as an excuse. Even without him I could eat healthy food that doesn’t involve the freezer/toaster oven. I typically promise myself I am going to do this, go grocery shopping and spend WAY too much money and then, because I haven’t planned properly, have a bunch of food that doesn’t get eaten and missing ingredients for food I want to cook. It really sucks. I am not sure how I go about changing this.

I think this “habit” makes me a not-so-great wife. I equate having dinner on the table for my hubby with being a good wife. I am not sure where this model came from since my mom wasn’t always the “chef” in our house growing up, and I think she was a super wife to my dad. My hubby also puts no pressure on me and loves to spend time cooking. So, why can’t I get this together?

Any advice out there for a wanna-be cooking wife?

What are your bad habits?

Prompt | Post a pic of me and my friends.

I am on the right.

This pic is of me with two of my close friends! They are amazing and about to get married. The best part about that friendship is that this couple and me and my husband ALL get along and all hang out independently and as a group. It is rare to find that so I am very appreciative!


Prompt | The meaning behind my blogs name…

Well this one is pretty simple! I am an Expat Mama in Toronto 🙂

I grew up in New York outside the city, moved to California the summer before 10th grade. Then went to university in Arizona and in Boston. Finally settling down in Toronto with my wonderful husband who is born and raised here. I LOVE the city. It is such a great place to live! I do miss a few things from the states but overall I am very happy to be living in Canada. Right now especially – get to enjoy a full year off for mat leave with Tikka!


Savoring the moments that I get to snuggle my little one!

About Me:

I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Toronto and eat way too many cookies.

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