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Prompt | A habit I wish I didn’t have…

Hmmm… a habit. Well, I quit drinking diet coke a few years ago, that was the worst bad habit I have ever had and it was a huge pain to kick it! But, since then I have been aspartame and mostly caffeine free! 🙂

A current habit I would like to kick is eating dinner out. I am very bad at planning meals and it is hard with my hubby’s unpredictability with what time he will be home,but I use that as an excuse. Even without him I could eat healthy food that doesn’t involve the freezer/toaster oven. I typically promise myself I am going to do this, go grocery shopping and spend WAY too much money and then, because I haven’t planned properly, have a bunch of food that doesn’t get eaten and missing ingredients for food I want to cook. It really sucks. I am not sure how I go about changing this.

I think this “habit” makes me a not-so-great wife. I equate having dinner on the table for my hubby with being a good wife. I am not sure where this model came from since my mom wasn’t always the “chef” in our house growing up, and I think she was a super wife to my dad. My hubby also puts no pressure on me and loves to spend time cooking. So, why can’t I get this together?

Any advice out there for a wanna-be cooking wife?

What are your bad habits?


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