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Do you think this old adage applies to eating all of the cookies left in my house after my baby’s naming ceremony? I technically need to “use them up…” otherwise it would be wasteful right?

I have spent the last week eating mediocre cookies with my daughters name beautifully writen on each one in purple frosting. These cookies, while stunning to look at, are just your basic sugar cookies. They also are not so tasty after sitting in the freezer. Yet every single day, without fail, I have eaten one. Why am I eating crap food I don’t even like?

It is silly that I pretend to wonder why the “baby weight” isn’t coming off. I am starving. I eat everything in front of me. Even McDonald’s (no need to judge me, I am being open.) The girls in my mommy group that fit in their pre-prego jeans are clearly not frequenting the zip-lock bag of personalized cookies like I am.

Obviously something is going to have to change to get me back to a reasonable size. This is getting increasingly important because I refuse to buy bigger pants, yet I only have three pairs that fit. Two pairs of yoga pants that I can squeeze into, and a pair of really really fat jeans that I had stashed in the back of the closet in case of emergency. I guess this is my emergency.

So, what do I change? I have signed up for some mommy and baby workout classes – three a week. One that uses weights, one that includes dancing around while wearing your baby, and one semi-private yoga class so that I can embarass myself one on one with my friends right next to me! Yeehaw. Also, my mom just bough an eliptical. I am off to visit them for a week in April… a week of working out – that should drop the pounds right?

If I do all of that… can I still eat McDonald’s?

What have you done to kick the pregnancy pounds while staying full after breastfeeding all day long? And how do you find enough hands to eat it?


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I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Toronto and eat way too many cookies.

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