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Prompt | A habit I wish I didn’t have…

Hmmm… a habit. Well, I quit drinking diet coke a few years ago, that was the worst bad habit I have ever had and it was a huge pain to kick it! But, since then I have been aspartame and mostly caffeine free! 🙂

A current habit I would like to kick is eating dinner out. I am very bad at planning meals and it is hard with my hubby’s unpredictability with what time he will be home,but I use that as an excuse. Even without him I could eat healthy food that doesn’t involve the freezer/toaster oven. I typically promise myself I am going to do this, go grocery shopping and spend WAY too much money and then, because I haven’t planned properly, have a bunch of food that doesn’t get eaten and missing ingredients for food I want to cook. It really sucks. I am not sure how I go about changing this.

I think this “habit” makes me a not-so-great wife. I equate having dinner on the table for my hubby with being a good wife. I am not sure where this model came from since my mom wasn’t always the “chef” in our house growing up, and I think she was a super wife to my dad. My hubby also puts no pressure on me and loves to spend time cooking. So, why can’t I get this together?

Any advice out there for a wanna-be cooking wife?

What are your bad habits?


I am incredibly excited to start writing this blog about my experiences as a new mom living in Toronto. I don’t intend to comment regularly on my child’s poop or the inane details of what she did each day, but rather use this space to share my insights on this new adventure. I hope you all will keep me in line.

I moved to Toronto almost 5 years ago, got married to my incredible hubby and recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Tikka.  I spent the years before baby working my ass off in a job that I loved, and I literally couldn’t imagine life without the 60 hour work weeks and constant feeling of stress that made me check my e mail with one eye open, first thing in the morning, before I even went pee. That all changed when I left one Friday afternoon at 32 weeks pregnant and never went back to the office to work again! I was placed on bedrest and it only took about 2 weeks for me to stop obsessviely checking my work e mail to make sure the world hadn’t fallen apart in my absense. Much to my amazement, things at work continued on pretty status quo without me… I am still not sure if I should be happy I trained my team so well, or shocked that I wasn’t important as I thought I was… more on this later.

The amazing thing about having a hubby that is from Toronto… I live in a country that gives me ONE YEAR of maternity leave! ONE WHOLE YEAR! I realize, I am a lucky woman. Before having Tikka I thought this time off from work would give me the chance to be wonder-wife. Dinner on the table, laundry washed, folded AND put away (I am notorious for skipping the last step…) and keeping the scrap book up to date with all of Tikka’s amazing milestones. Well… I am almost three months in and I have yet to make a real dinner – unless you count unwrapping a nutri-grain bar – the laundry gets done but rarely put away and I have not even printed any of the hundreds of pictures I have taken of T.

That is where this blog can come in to play. While you might be thinking… “How is spending time writing a blog going to get dinner on the table?” But let me tell you… if I have people that are counting on me, I can get anything done. So I need you to count on me to learn how to cook… HEALTHY FOOD, I need you to count on me to explore the city with T, and I need you to count on me to share what I learn throughout the next year. I also might turn to you for motivation to get my ass back into shape so I can wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. At some point I am sure I will be invited to a gathering where Lulu’s are not appropriate attire, and then… I will be screwed.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

About Me:

I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl. I live in Toronto and eat way too many cookies.

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